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The Cyber Resilience Index: Advancing Organizational Cyber Resilience

World Economic Forum Cyber Resilience index

Cyber resilience must be integral not only to technical systems but is also essential in teams, the organizational culture and daily operations. This White Paper explains why many organizations lack cyber resilience and offers a blueprint to build a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient digital environment for everyone. It presents the Cyber Resilience Framework (CRF) and Cyber Resilience Index (CRI). The CRF provides a clear and malleable foundation from which an organization can clearly define and understand what it means to have robust organizational cyber resilience. It aims to promote more effective practices in digital ecosystems. The CRI is a tool to help organizations quantitatively determine their cyber resilience using measures of performance against best practice. It aims to create more cyber-resilient digital networks. Together, the CRF and CRI seek to guide organizations on their cyber-resilience journey.


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