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Council of Australian Life Insurers on board GAIP as Affiliate Partner

We are delighted to announce that the Council of Australian Life Insurers (CALI) is officially an Affiliate Partner of the Global-Asia Insurance Partnership (GAIP). This significant collaboration marks a major step towards our shared goal of enhancing the insurance sector across the Asia Pacific region.

As an affiliate partner CALI will have access to GAIP's growing resources, best practices and networking opportunities with leading professionals in the field, fostering a more resilient and forward-thinking insurance sector.

“CALI's expertise and commitment to excellence will be invaluable as we work together to drive innovation, reduce protection gaps and bolster community resilience”, said GAIP CEO John Maroney.

“CALI is thrilled to join GAIP as an affiliate partner. Together we will drive innovation and strengthen community resilience across the Asia Pacific region. We look forward to the positive impact our combined efforts will achieve,” said CALI CEO Christine Cupitt.

To know more about CALI, click here.

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